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PMG is 100% independently owned by the founder, Kim Wiest, who is actively involved in the business day-to-day. Our independence gives us the freedom to be objective and partner with any media and platform. We have delivered 500+ branding and marketing projects, Tens of Millions in consumer sales, marketing for a variety of consumer and business to business products with countless solutions.

Our Services

Within the ever-changing digital landscape, Platinum Marketing Group continues to stay ahead of the curve as media and ad technologies evolve. While technology changes, our guiding principles remain the same. We take the time to understand your audience, media goals, and objectives, and create a strategy to connect your brand with the people you want to reach to inspire action and results! Part art, part data, and science, we handcraft each digital strategy, tailored to your specific needs.

Our Digital Strategies Include:

Nobody buys better than us.

Media Planning and Buying

We define a roadmap of target goals that will deliver you results. We optimize your investment to engage consumers through various media channels.

Strategically led. Creative driven. Results Obsessed.


Over-the-Top (OTT)


  • The way people consume content is changing. Users are more focused on the content they want to consume vs. the device used to view the content.


  • Includes programmatic Connected TV and OTT executions, Live content streaming, site direct buys (like Hulu), and more!

Programmatic Digital


  • Advanced Targeting
    Access to virtually any RTB inventory source, we leverage data to deliver your audience with reach and scale.
  • Data Management Solutions
    Utilize first-party data, either your own or with our assistance, through a DMP, to inform your digital campaigns.
  • Optimization and Reporting
    We add a human element to maximize campaign performance and provide actionable insights beyond typical programmatic reporting.
  • Brand Safety
    Safety monitoring, site exclusions, and additional safety measures ensure your ads only appear on sites that are in line with your brand guidelines.
  • Pricing Models
    Flexible pricing options enable effective leveraging of our cross-channel, targeted digital executions while staying on budget.

Streaming Audio


The growth of streaming, podcasting, and voice-activation enables advertisers to target audio ads with pinpoint accuracy.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Search Engine Marketing services drive targeted traffic, with tailored technologies and strategies that focus on capturing active demand in top search engines.


Social Media

Social media is a top category to reach and engage with you target audience. We take the time to understand your audience, their favorite social media platforms, as well as the best platform to accomplish your media goals (from awareness to conversion).

Platforms Include:

• Facebook   • Instagram

• Twitter        • Snapchat

• LinkedIn     • Pinterest

• YouTube


Digital Out of Home


  • From billboards to signage at airport gates, gyms, and waiting rooms, DOOH merges context and location.


  • Its interactive technology provides an engaging service to the public. Plus, DOOH empowers brands to reach target audiences on-the-go, in public places and on public transportation.



Native ads are digital display ads that follow the form, feel, and function of the media on which they appear. Brands love it because it helps create dialogue and educates existing and new consumers.

  • Consumers love it because it feels like a natural extension of content they are already engaged with.
  • Native is a win-win for both consumers and brands because it feels so natural.
  • There is much less of an abrupt transition from the natural web page content to the advertisement.


Email marketing delivers relevant and timely messaging to the precise individuals you need to influence.

  • B2B
    Reach consumers through their primary work communication tool.
  • B2C
    Reach consumers when they’re actively checking their email.


Understanding your consumers allows us to target your message to gain better results. We measure performance and optimize strategies to maximize engagement.

Media Partnerships that gets results.

We can purchase your targeted program in any market. We’ve partnered with creative and branding firms all over the country as an extension of their media strategy, and we’ll partner with you as well to help your business gain the success it deserves.

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