Campaign Managment

Every online action can be tracked and measured. For these actions to have context, they need to be tied to an objective. The Platinum Marketing Group team works with your goals and objectives to identify KPIs and reporting that will allow campaign spending to be maximized. Platinum Marketing Group’s Ad Operations team provides hands-on collaboration to make recommendations on conversion tracking, as well as all the tools for a successful campaign.

Campaign Management and Optimization

  • Asset specifications/spec decks (including visuals) for creative by partners for the campaign (if an external creative partner is utilized). Creative Kick Off Calls when needed for partner build-out where applicable.
  • Recommendations for conversion points for a campaign, as well as pixels and tags by the partner for the implementation of these tracking elements.
  • Assistance within Google Tag Manager for Tag implementation when needed for campaign execution, as well as expertise with pixel implementation across sales enablement platforms like Hubspot and Pardot.
  • Quality assurance for assets trafficking and pixel implementation, as well as confirmation of campaign launch and screenshots within at QA report post-campaign launch.
  • Our Ad Ops team is Google Analytics Academy certified and experienced in setting up UTM codes and analyzing data in GA, as well as integrating GA metrics such as time on site, bounce rate, revenue, and adds-to-cart within our reporting. Creative testing, such as A/B testing will illustrate which creative and copy is driving the greatest opportunities and conversions. The team will optimize toward the successful creative in real-time to get the most from your investment.

Reporting capabilities showcase which media sources, channels, and placements are most effective at delivering your KPIs throughout the student’s journey. Platinum Marketing Group’s account management team is dedicated to analyzing campaign reports and optimizing to the best-performing placements, strategies, creative, and media. Account management delivers insights and advanced optimizations that algorithms can’t capture and can reallocate the budget at any time based on your needs.

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