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It's our job to reach and engage your customers. Get them involved, to learn about the benefits and value of your products and services... that get you results. Look at us as your in-house agency that has your back, trust meets long-term loyalty!

Media Strategy

We think of media differently. To some, it’s GRP’s & CPP’s, and yes that’s important but GRP’s don’t buy products and services people do. So yes, we’ll be efficient (more than most actually), but media to the team at PMG is the medium that helps you sell stuff.

All roads start with the media strategy, we work closely with our clients to create a defined roadmap of the target goals that deliver results. Our knowledge of the new marketing landscape allows us to guide our clients to make a meaningful and impactful statement in the market place.

Optimizing your investment and understanding how to integrate your message through all the media channels while engaging with consumers is a science and art form. This is what we do!


We’re in the business of connecting consumers to products and services, aka Getting Results. Companies are finding themselves in turbulent surroundings that are changing swiftly. Consumers today are more knowledgeable, better connected and more critical when it comes to spending their money. Prepare with a good strategy and you can propel people to act.


PMG is built on solid strategic processes that provide a strong foundation for ideas and creativity. Big bold ideas that rise above the noise connecting the right message with the right people at the right time. Produce, execute and go to market is what we do to meet and exceed client goals.

Digital Marketing

With new technologies changing every day, the digital consumer experience is overwhelmed with clutter 24/7. You need a partner who understands the emerging digital landscape and knows how to target those consumers in new ways by finding the right touch points to deliver your message. The PMG team will provide integrated digital solutions to meet your goals and deliver results.


Data is the heartbeat of a campaign and if you listen it tells a story. By understanding your consumers you can begin to target your message and the tactics to gain better results. We measure performance and optimize strategies to maximize engagement. Data is knowledge and we believe turning data into results.

In Your Corner

What’s marketing without sales… Give your sales team the knowledge to sharpen their skills from a trusted advisor and partner.

Kim Wiest the president & owner of Platinum Marketing Group has over 25 years experience in sales and media direction. She has exceptional knowledge of the media landscape having worked in TV, radio, print and online. She has successfully ran her own company since 2002.  She’s a specialist in rate negotiations and a highly regarded speaker at industry events. Kim can work one-on-one with your sales managers or your sales team to provide sales and marketing training.