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Boutique in nature, large in scale.

We are your media partner. In this regard, we provide both strategy and execution across a number of channels, all of which are critical to a business’s long-term success.

For almost two decades, we have worked with local and regional businesses of all sizes and levels of complexity. While they’re all different, it’s safe to say that our clients share one thing in common: They need someone they can trust to provide the media counsel and executional excellence that is critical to building a competitive advantage. PMG has been that trusted partner for many successful businesses and creative agencies across a myriad of industries.

Performance: Results are what drive our campaign. Strategies and understanding short and long term KPI's are what is the cornerstone to our success. But honest forthright feedback is what keeps us coming back!

Influences: What are the critical variables that might influence your media selection? Seasonality? New competitors? Weather patterns? Expansion? These and other variables go into the media strategy equation and PMG considers all of them.


Kim Wiest


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