Brochures Are Effective For Business — Even in the Digital Age

December 01, 2018

Brochures Are Effective For Business — Even in the Digital Age

Contrary to what some people might think, using brochures for marketing is not a dead strategy. Many consumers still appreciate the true value of brochures, and they love to hold a well-designed, attractive printed material. Remember that many of your customers are bombarded daily with digital advertising.

But how can you make your brand stand out by adding print brochures to your marketing mix? Here are some benefits of using brochures for marketing, followed by some tips on how to properly market your business using a brochure.

What Is the True Value of a Brochure?

You’ll gain countless advantages when you start using brochures for your business. Consider the following facts:

  • Brochures are reliable, ever-ready marketing tools: Sometimes, internet access may not be readily available. When this happens, a well-printed brochure will still provide all relevant information and contact details. Their tactile nature also encourages prospects to look at them over and over, which increases your likelihood of closing a deal.
  • Some clients prefer a printed copy: Save customers the cost of printing out information from your website by providing a brochure. Unfortunately, some of the most attractive, professionally designed websites don’t look nice when they’re printed on paper.
  • Brochures make it easy for customers to buy: With a printed brochure, you can place all your contact details, pricing and any other information a customer needs at their fingertips so that they can make a purchase. Customers who aren’t tech savvy can easily get your contact details without getting distracted by all the bells and whistles on your website.
  • A good brochure is a constant reminder to your prospect: After a sales presentation, a brochure will continue to remind the prospect of the product long after you’re gone. If it’s attractive and well-designed, it’ll serve as a salesperson and even attract other qualified buyers.

How to Create a Great Brochure

For your brochure to stand out from others and draw the attention of anyone that sees it, here are some design principles to keep in mind:

  • Use effective copywriting techniques: Follow the example of experienced copywriters. Use a systematic writing method to grab your prospects’ attention, and lead them from one page to another until they take a specific action. For instance, you can follow the proven AIDA technique: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Your copy should capture your prospects’ attention from the cover and hold their interest until they decide to buy your product or at least visit your website.
  • Make it easy for prospects to contact you: Place all your contact details in a conspicuous place, where your prospects can easily see them. When possible, print them in more than one place.
  • Add a call to action: Add an incentive for prospects to visit your website. It could be in the form of a special coupon, discount or report.
  • Use unconventional shapes: Take advantage of die cutting technology. Work with a professional designer who can create designs with circles, hexagons and other geometric shapes.
  • Let the inserts pop out: If you intend to add a CD or DVD, display it in a unique way. Instead of putting the sleeve on the back, create a unique design that allows the disc to pop out in the middle and give an engaging dimension to the interior of the brochure.
  • Choose a small size: Try to put the information in a small-sized brochure so many prospects can hold it or put it in their purse or pocket. Small and portable brochures are usually more appealing.
  • Include some text art: Get creative with your typography. Put graphics in your text, or make the type reversed out through a picture. The difference in shape and color will give your brochure a distinct look.

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