The Very Best Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your B2B Business

June 05, 2018

The Very Best Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your B2B Business

Video content continues to grow and capture online users’ attention in a world of 140 characters, photos with filters and 6-second Snapchats. So, this begs to ask the question: Why use Facebook Live to market your B2B business?

Well, Facebook Live gives businesses a unique platform to create video content that attracts, engages and converts prospects into clients. Now you can use Facebook Live for B2B marketing to connect with your clients in a way that showcases your brand’s personality.

Here’s what you need to know about this feature and how Facebook Live is different for B2B compared to B2C.

What Is the Facebook Live Feature?

Facebook Live allows you to make a video broadcast in real time for one and a half hours per session. Users who regularly engage with your page or have done so recently will receive a notification to inform them that you’re doing a live stream.

During a Facebook Live session:

  • Viewers can visit your page and watch your video.
  • You’ll see the number of live viewers.
  • They can leave comments and react to what you’re saying.
  • You’ll be able to read their remarks and give an immediate response.

At the end of the broadcast:

  • The video will be posted on your timeline.
  • People who could not watch live can see the recorded version.
  • Those who want a repeat broadcast will be able to watch it again.
  • You can edit the video or remove it entirely.

Benefits of Facebook Live for B2B Marketing

Facebook Live offers unique advantages for B2B marketing:

  • It gives you an uncensored avenue to reveal the qualities of your brand.
  • The platform enhances transparency, so people can connect with you in real time.
  • You can showcase the personality behind your brand.
  • You can reveal the process behind your high-quality service delivery.
  • It offers an opportunity to show clients how to use your product and to solve their business problems.
  • The tool allows you to show the results clients can get from your products and services.

So how is Facebook Live different for B2B than B2C? Here are some basic differences:

  • B2B marketing on Facebook Live should focus on lead generation.
  • B2B marketers must demonstrate their depth of knowledge about what they’re discussing.
  • B2B marketers should provide opportunities for viewers to ask as many questions as possible.

6 Ways Your B2B Business Can Use Facebook Live

In addition to some of the tips provided earlier, here are some ways to make the most of FB Live for your B2B marketing:

  1. Provide Customer Testimonials: Let your viewers hear the experiences of other clients who are satisfied with your service. You could get someone to interview these customers and then stream a compilation of these testimonials.
  2. Share Product Demos: Create excitement about a new product or service by giving a demonstration of the best way to use it. Provide video tutorials your clients can watch as many times as they want.
  3. Make Presentations: Present quarterly results or provide a recap of a special company or community event that has taken place within the last quarter.
  4. Touch Base with Current Customers: Awaken your fans with Facebook Live videos! Reconnect with your follower base by letting them know about the awesome new improvements your business is making.
  5. Hold Q&A Sessions: Do you get the same questions over and over about your business? Consider holding a week Facebook Live event where you answer commonly asked questions. this is a great way to demonstrate your brand’s customer service as well as deepen the connection with your fans.
  6. Behind the Scenes Content: Every business is unique, and smaller businesses and startups are in a unique position. You may be at a disadvantage in terms of funding and brand awareness, but you have the advantage of being able to show the world how you operate. A FB Live session will do the trick.

8 Facebook Live Tips to Help You Get Started

  1. Tell fans when you’re broadcasting ahead of time
  2. Go live when you have a strong connection
  3. Write a catchy description before you go live
  4. Ask viewers to subscribe to Live notifications.
  5. Say hello to commenters by name: respond to their comments live.
  6. Broadcast for longer periods of time to reach more people.
  7. Use a closing line to signal the end of the broadcast.
  8. Be creative and go live often!

When your Facebook Live stream is completed it will be stored as a video file in your time-line. Now you can share with followers who missed the live stream and it gives them an opportunity to share and promote the video through their social media platforms.

Here are a couple links to Live FB videos we produced, to show the fun atmosphere and team at PMG.


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