Why Online Reviews Matter and How They Can Help Your Business

April 01, 2018

Why Online Reviews Matter and How They Can Help Your Business

You know online reviews can make or break your business. But are you using them to your advantage? Many consumer surveys provide statistics about how online reviews affect business. Various studies offer numbers ranging from 70 to 80 percent of respondents saying they trust online reviews.

Many of your prospects and existing customers check out Facebook reviews, and they even read Google reviews about local businesses before they pick up the phone to call you. To them, online reviews are just as valuable as the advice of a friend or family member.

Customer reviews are now essential tools for increasing your visibility and boosting your conversions and sales. You just can’t do without them anymore. Now that you know why online reviews are important, let’s show you how to use them to improve your bottom line.

Set Up a System to Get More Positive Reviews

When it comes to online reviews, more is always better. Customers tend to associate a high number of reviews with trust and credibility. They feel that your brand or business must be worth trying out since so many other people have something to say about you. But how do you make sure you can get high-quality reviews that’ll attract more sales?

Here are some tips that work:

  • Simply ask for a review. Many satisfied customers will be happy to leave one.
  • Start a referral program
  • Send customer survey emails

Using these strategies will help you get higher-quality reviews that can attract more high profile clients.

Use Facebook Reviews to Improve Conversions

If you’re still wondering, Why are Facebook reviews important, then consider these statistics.

At the end of 2016, Facebook reported that they had 1.86 billion active users every month and 1.23 billion average daily users. As more people, including teenagers, college students, young couples, active professionals and senior citizens use this site, you can’t ignore its influence anymore.

So, you may be wondering, “How can I leverage Facebook reviews for my business?”

Here are some tips:

  • Create or improve your Facebook page, and keep it current with new photos and business news.
  • Ask all customers and clients about their experience with your business.
  • Tell all those with positive answers to leave comments on your Facebook page.
  • Use automation tools to ask customers to give feedback that’ll be posted as a Facebook review.
  • Add a review tab to your Facebook page.

Integrate Customer Reviews Into All Marketing Channels

After you’ve used the tips offered earlier to get tons of positive reviews for your products and services, you need to spread the good word. Use all your marketing channels to share these stellar reviews about your business, including:

  • Your website’s home page
  • Email newsletters
  • Banner ads
  • Social media channels
  • All print advertising

Incorporate Google Reviews Into Your Site

Many of your prospects will start their online shopping by searching for keywords related to your business on Google. If you’ve claimed your Google My Business listing, you can also put some of your customer reviews on Google. These reviews can skyrocket traffic to your website when you have a rating that is 4.0 or more. To increase your positive reviews from Google, take these steps:

  • Ask satisfied clients to rate you and provide feedback.
  • Use automated reputation management software to send out texts and emails that request feedback.
  • Add a testimonial page to your website.

Manage Yelp Reviews to Build Credibility

Yelp was specifically designed to help grow local businesses. It has gained a lot of credibility, with over 100 million users and more than 42 million local businesses registered on the website. The site helps prospects quickly find reputable companies in their area. Unfortunately, it has also become a place where more people tend to rant and complain about businesses. So, you need to ensure you protect your business reputation by responding quickly to negative Yelp reviews.

Here are some ways to win with Yelp reviews:

  • Use the site’s free tools to update your business account.
  • Update your business page.
  • Provide attractive business photos.
  • If you have a lot of positive Yelp reviews, use a Yelp badge to direct visitors to them.
  • Make some announcements that’ll promote your business to Yelp visitors.
  • Reward everyone that leaves a review on your business page.

With these simple strategies, you can start using online reviews to attract more leads, increase engagement and get more conversions and sales.


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