Summer Intern Spotlight

August 25, 2017

Summer Intern Spotlight

PMG has allowed me to struggle, learn, transition between roles, write copy, place media buys, and so much more. As a marketing major at the University of Cincinnati, I found the draggle of learning so much in the classroom but not getting to apply that knowledge in real life scenarios. My internship at PMG not only helped me expand my knowledge on what I learned in the classroom but it took it past my curriculum.

Everyone at the PMG was extremely helpful, always happy to share their wealth of knowledge, but at the same time, didn’t hesitate to let you know if something needs to be fixed. This taught me how to take constructive criticism and also taught me that unfortunately, mistakes do happen, and the best way to handle them is to learn from them.

The agency world is one that I’ve always wanted to be a part of and I’m very thankful that PMG has allowed me to have the opportunity to experience it. I’ve had a really great time and learned a lot that will no doubt help me in my future.


Starting out, I knew my intern experience this summer was going to be different than any other positions I’ve taken in the past. Finishing my Junior year at Ohio University, I held a bit of nervousness with me, as I wasn’t completely confident where I wanted to go with my design major. I went into my internship this summer it with lots of excitement, as working at an agency was a new experience for me. I was ready to take a ‘different’ path in terms of design and by getting offered the position at PMG, I was ready to make those strides.

At PMG, I found myself eager to go to work each day, as the work I was doing felt vital to a client’s success. Not only did the projects I was assigned to help me grow my portfolio and experience, but the people and work environment at PMG genuinely helped me discover what type of work enjoinment I strive to be a part of after graduation.

I am so thankful for the opportunity PMG has given me to grow as a designer and a professional. I’m very lucky to have been surrounded by such a great group of mentors and for all that I have learned from them the past couple of months. Thank you, PMG, for my ‘different’ internship and for helping me develop towards becoming the designer I dream to be!