Know Your Target

June 30, 2017

Know Your Target

The buying strategy for our clients is very specific to their goals and objectives, no matter the time of year.  For example, with automotive and retail clients, they have specific sales goals each month and the media is concentrated to achieve high-frequency goals in order to reach the consumer and drive sales. This can be done by running a shorter week on radio or TV Wednesday to Sunday, buying fewer stations, but higher spot counts on those stations and/or concentrating dollars into fewer dayparts on television and/or fewer networks on cable.

In the 3rd quarter, it is no secret that television viewing habits shift a bit.  However, it depends on the daypart.  For example, we typically do not buy much Prime in Q3 unless they are first to run on network or, new programs on cable. However, early morning news habits stay consistent and are an affordable way to reach consumers.  Radio and outdoor are utilized throughout the year and you may see some television dollars move to radio/Pandora/digital during 3rd quarter due to effectiveness.

Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall consumers are online more than ever and households have multiple screen users and often times the screen usage is happening all at once. Knowing your target’s habits and media usage is key to being able to drill down the sales funnel and deliver a message with engagement is what drives results.

The summer suggests travel and immobility which triggers additional digital platforms out of the home, so know your target every season and you’ll see results.