5 Tips to Being a LinkedIn Superstar

October 06, 2017

5 Tips to Being a LinkedIn Superstar

Recently LinkedIn exceeded 300 million users, with more than 100 million located in the U.S.

The major reasons people are turning to this professional network is it’s a veritable powerhouse of hiring, selling and learning. People are able to build personal brands, establish themselves as thought leaders and even bring in new leads to a company.

So how do you stand out amongst millions? Check out our 5 tips to being a LinkedIn superstar.

  • The more, the Merrier

Marc Goldberg, CEO at Trust Metrics says that while the Facebook newsfeed can become annoying when you accept too many “friends” on the platform, LinkedIn becomes increasingly beneficial networks as your audience grows.” Junior people eventually become senior people.

  • Build your following earnestly

“Don’t reach out to connect then ignore the acceptor’s request to chat or connect further.” Remarks Tom Morrissy, president and founder of Morrissy & Vine Advisory. “That’s a real douchebag move, which is why I don’t accept blind invitations anymore unless there is a specific business purpose.

  • Remember Who’s the Boss

It’s important to consider once you’ve identified yourself as an employee of a company, you become a brand ambassador. Says Robyn Hannah, senior Director, global communications at Dynamic Signal. “To your network, you are the brand, personified. AS such, you want to add as much value to your network are your brand does to your customers or clients.”

  • Validate your Asks

When asking to be connected to an individual via another person, investigate a bit to see if there’s a real relationship going on. “Make sure they actually know the persona and then validate your ask with the introducer to make sure it’s relevant. Says Ryan Valley, director at Smith Labs. LinkedIn can be like a personal Yelp.

  • Data powered messaging

“Use the free analytics to see who your audience is hitting so you can make more appropriate content, recommends Maja Stevanovich group of Mungo Creative Group.