PMG Marketing Mix

October 28, 2016

PMG Marketing Mix

Based on a recent article by and survey by Millward Brown Digital, more than 300 senior executives at advertising agencies and media companies reported their ideal marketing mix. The biggest challenge facing marketers today is optimizing the marketing mix across multiple channels and platforms. At least 50% of marketers “do not” have the confidence they are reaching and achieving the optimal marketing mix between traditional and digital.

The results from this survey has traditional advertising as the top channel at 16%, websites and search are close behind at 13%, followed by social (owned & earned) at 12%, on-line advertising and content at 11%, and on down the line with mobile 8%, email 7%, direct mail 5% and events 4%. Keep in mind that the optimal marketing mix and target market will be different by company and industry. So the results provided in this survey will give us some insight into the marketer’s priorities.



In addition to the marketing mix, agencies and media companies face the challenge of proving that these channels are working. Clients want to know that their money is being spent wisely and generating results, what ismy ROI. One way to optimize the ideal marketing mix and ROI is to better understand the consumer journey, laser focus on the channels and content that will drive results, increase the ROI. In fact,  many agencies and media companies will increase their research budget over the next three years to focus on consumer behavior.

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